Getting Started

I am starting this blog uncertain of where it might take me. I don’t  Fleurs Of A Bouquetknow what might come of it. Maybe this can be a place to showcase all kinds of photography or the most recent songs that get stuck in my head. Maybe this can be a collection of recipes or words of encouragement.

No matter what comes of it, I know I’m here for a reason. This is just where my heart guided me to. Hence the name. Let your heart be. Truthfully, it was a daunting task finding the right name for this blog. If you have a blog you might remember that challenge yourself. First, you find the name that isn’t too cheesy. It’s not too long and not too short. It sums up what you think might be the perfect catch phrase for your blog. It’s taken. You think of yet another. It’s reserved – whatever that means. And you’re stumped. It took me a couple hours actually.

Maybe my mind went into overdrive. I got desperate and typed in “” It was available. Dear Lord – help me. I stepped into the car and escaped cyber land for a few moments and sat in the glory that is the sound of Michael Bernard Fitzgerald. “Love is an easy thing, such an easy thing.. to miss.” And suddenly, “Oh oh – let your heart beat”

So that was that. I came home and typed it in. It was taken. But, letyourheartbe worked just fine. And so, in all the cheesy names I could come up with – this seemed the most reasonable. Afterall, anything was easier than ihaveboogers., right?

So, here we are. You know the song in my head. You see a photo I took, you’re reading my endless antics and all that’s left is a little encouragement of the day and a mind blowing recipe.

Step one: Mix in a bowl 2 eggs and one banana until smooth.
Step two: Griddle like a pancake
Step three: Enjoy your all natural, gluten free, 3 step banana pancake! Seriously, it works! For extra fun, top with a light peanut butter spread.

Encouragement of the day:

Back in April of 2012 I was going through a really tough time. Each day I felt constantly defeated. I was sick mentally and physically and I couldn’t get ahead. I let adversity beat down on me. When really, I should have just let my heart take over. Let my spirit feed my body. I sat down one day and I turned to God. I questioned Him. Why? Here’s what I learned.

Even when we can’t receive what God has to offer, He isn’t going to stop trying. God is not one who gives up. He will fight  for breakthrough for us. There is such a thing as healing and it is certain we all have it.  There is grace in the situations we go through. Each day we walk, is a day we walk is a day we are blessed. We have a father who loves us when we cannot love ourselves. All we have to do is just believe in Him. Just place our faith in Him. Take back any words that have been ill spoken over each of us. They are not in God’s plans for us. And if you can’t do all of that… just know that our father is sovereign. He needs you to do nothing. But, take comfort in Him. Because, it’s the most rewarding thing you could ever do.

To each of you reading this, have a most blessed day. No matter who you are, know that you are loved. Thank you for stopping in to read this and for supporting me. If you would like me to post about a certain topic or have ideas for this blog, I would love to hear from you. If you have a blog – leave a link, I would love to check it out.


Let Your Heart Beat

4 thoughts on “Getting Started”

  1. What an absolutely beautiful post! I giggled quite a bit, knowing the impossible task of naming a blog, finally finding the right one only to learn it was taken!!!

    True words of wisdom, love, and kindness. I cannot WAIT to read more of your wonderful stories, revel in the beauty of your photography. I am so excited to enjoy everything you share with us, your readers and fans!!!


  2. Toshmagosh! I loved this! I laughed out loud about your booger story and I am going to make those gluten free pancakes and listen to that song and I am so encouraged about what you wrote about God AND your pictures are beautiful and I am stealing one for my phone background…I’m so excited to read your blog I hope you post often and maybe it will inspire me to start blogging again because blogging is an awesome emotional staple for artsy strong women like us!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!


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