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Over the last week, I have had the house all to myself. It seemed a little boring and lonesome at first, but, I decided to not make any formal plans. I stuck to the usual, cooking cleaning and taking care of my 4 furry little ones. Bella, Delia, Sophie and O’Malley. Here’s what I came up with.

Step One: When cleaning, turn on a little music. It’ll give you the groove you need to accomplish the task. Hint: If you feel like you want to spiritually clean the house – you can play some worship music too. When you’re done cleaning, the fresh smell and the lack of clutter simply makes you feel better! For an even better after affect, take a candle light detox bath and just enjoy soaking and relaxing in your fresh space. Or if you aren’t one for epsom salts and essential oils, try some bath bombs or bubble bars (my favourite ones are from Lush)

Step Two: Get moving. Just because you’re at home and you’re done all your chores, doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do. My favourite work out is Just Dance or Zumba. My hips don’t exactly move like Jagger, but, it gets my blood flowing and the sweat keeps coming! Plus, its fun, its healthy and if you want, you can even have some friends accompany you. Or, if you don’t have access to a game console, you can always take your furry friends out for a nature walk or jog – grab an ipod and it will give you that little extra motivation. Plus, fresh air is always fun! But, let’s say, it’s raining or it’s late at night and going out just isnt an option. You can go to and pick a  30 day challenge! The guide is so encouraging and you won’t even notice that you’re actually doing burpies!!!

Step Three: Whoa! Cleaning and working out, you must be pooped! It’s time to nourish yourself! Going all out doesn’t have to to be a binge. I made a feast!! Lots of luscious leafy greens and a homemade french onion soup with a glass of red wine and maybe even some fresh baked buns! But, you can go for lentils or even shakes – but, try to avoid heavier stuff like meats or oily stuff. You’ll feel great going vegan even if it’s just for a day.

Step Four: Nod off to dream land for a bit. Making sure you catch all your Zzzs rejuvenates your body. And what better time than a weekend alone at home than to make sure you have a couple extra hours to sleep in. You can fall asleep to a movie or in the quiet of your room but, just remember to say something positive to yourself. Have an expectation for an awesome dream! Don’t just sleep cause you need to, sleep because you want to. Wake up feeling refreshed – not more tired than when you went to bed. And when you wake up, take your time getting up. Enjoy just laying there with your furries cuddling you. Hint, this morning, I lit a candle and played some soft music as I nestled in with little Bella and waited for the morning to rise before I decided to start the day.

Step Five: So, your home is clean, you’re stocked with healthy foods and you’re body is ripped (not mine so much – but I’m taking it a day at a time). You’re bright eyed and bushy tailed after a night of blissful dreams! Invite some family over. Or even some neighbors or friends. Get out to a coffee shop or a dog park and just be recreational. Whatever that means for you. Play some video games, watch a movie or go swimming or skating. Even surfing the net and reading my awesome blog. For me, I’m watching church from my cell phone and writing this blog.

So, there you have it. 5 steps to enjoying your time alone. Your solemnity. Don’t let being alone depress you or make your bored. Enjoy it to the fullest and take advantage of the time. Take peace and take joy from your “me time”. You need this time. When you find yourself too busy or over booked – open up your schedule and book yourself at home for even just one weekend. You will thank yourself for it because rest is so important.

Enjoy & Lots of love!



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