Welcome To Germany

So, after an 8 hour plane ride from Toronto, I finally made it all the way to EUROPE! Never mind the seat stealers who attempted to take my aisle seat. Never mind the screams and cries of children and babies. Nevermind the sleepless night. I actually had a great time.

I watched Guardians of the Galaxy. I marvelled at Groot. (Get it?) That movie doesn’t get old. I ate SO much… I even got to eat these animal crackers shaped like planes and clouds! I had beer! German beer! I had wine! Red red wine! I had tea and water! I had pasta… rosee pasta! I had apple crumble and caesar salad. I had cheese.. GOUDA cheese! Then I had a muffin! 8 hours of eating and sleeping… I slept pretty soundly with my aroma therapy eye mask!! Until the bumps started.

So, I landed around 7:30 or 8am local time in Germany – a landing so smooth we all clapped for the captain.. and as per my promise to my brother and sister, I manhunted down some beer and sausage… cause you cannot come to germany and NOT have beer and sausage. – Surprisingly.. it wasnt an easy task… mind you.. it was breakfast time.

Germany is fresh by the way. I stepped out for a moment… but it was 3 degrees and I had to go through security again… but, I can say I stepped out now!

I definitely prepared by stomach by stretching it out so that when I get to India, I can shove all the curry in my belly.

I’m sitting here posting this blog at my gate. I might be boring all of you with these silly details. Mainly, I’m writing because it’s a good way to kill time and it’s kind of fun. You’re probably all thinking, ” man… this girl needs to shut up! no one cares! stop posting so much useless crap.. ” ummm…. no. haha!

I’m SO excited! I just cant fight it! – I’m using What’s App to talk to my aunt and my cousin… and I am exhausted and pumped all at once.. I mean INDIA guys! It’s literally the other side of the world! It’s the farthest I have ever been! I’m LITERALLY flying solo… and I’m happy. I’ve worked for years to do this! My India fund is finally being withdrawn from!

The best part? MY FAMILY! I mean come on! My cousin is getting married. My cousin, guys! The last time I saw him… we were knee high. We played in the park and danced in the kitchen with our family! He is my mom’s dancing partner! And now, we’re both grown up! I can finally see him again! I can see all of my amazing cousins. Some who I have even yet to meet. Some who I speak to all the time but now I can finally wrap my arms around them… smother them with kisses and love.

My amazing aunty who always encouraged me to keep my india fund going and to make it out! My aunty who has come all the way to north america to visit US! Finally I get to visit her! All my aunties and uncles who have been waiting so long for me to get my but in gear and come to India!

It’s happening! The day has finally come! So, heck no! I wont stop posting. I wont stop talking about it! I cant wait to be there… but in the process… I’m going to enjoy every moment. I will enjoy each bounce of turbulence even. And I’ll write as coherently as possible along the way!

Here are some tell-tale signs I’m in the land of autobahns and v-dubs – sauerkraut and brewaries – Welcome to Germany!

IMG_2831 IMG_2834 IMG_2836 IMG_2838 IMG_2840 IMG_2842 IMG_2843 IMG_2844 IMG_2845 IMG_2846 IMG_2847 IMG_2848 IMG_2849

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