I’m Coming Back

Once again, I’m sitting at an airport, 7558 miles from the city I live in. Yet, somehow, I feel like where I am right now is my home. I journeyed from Canada to India 28 days ago not entirely sure what to expect. I came to see my family. I came to see the place my mother and grandmother once lived. I came to see a part of the world I hadn’t seen before and i have found myself 28 days more humble, 28 days more loved, 28 days filled with yummy foods, 28 days changed into a better person.

This trip is a blessing. It’s the first blessing of many to come. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to bring me here. I thank Him for keeping me safe and happy and totally in love. I thank God that one day, sooner than i expect, I will be back. I thank God that I will be able to bring my Canadian family here that day. I thank my family in Canada for supporting me and praying for me as I make this trip. I thank my family in india for making this trip real. For making me so entirely welcome. You made me feel like Royalty. In the humble words of my mother, “you’re far too kind to me, and I, for one, don’t deserve it, but, I thank you just the same.” One day, I hope to give to you what you have given to me.. and if (God Forbid) I cannot, I pray that God reciprocates it all back to you 889784937559034758943789578957849357 times fold.

28 days came and went so quickly, I’m not totally sure it has happened yet. I found myself on this trip so quiet. So incredibly in complete observation of every new custom, new sight, new sound, new taste – everything; everything here is worth paying your undivided attention to.

I thought about naming this blog, “I’m coming home,” since i am on my way back to Canada.. but, I decided that right here in India is home to me… and so, I am simply coming back… Right now, i’m on my way back to Canada … but one day, I will be back here… in India.

That’s not to say that I don’t appreciate Canada… I do.. I so TOTALLY do.. It’s amazing to be in a country so vast, so free and so beautiful. So, my return is bittersweet.

Though my heart is broken that this journey has found an end, I will be ever so happy to snuggle my Bella again. I will be so thrilled to be with my Amy, my Waldo and my Papa and my PTBO family again. I will be so excited to show all my pictures and tell all my stories and give them so many presents and ring in the new year with the people who have moulded me into the person I am today. I can’t wait to see my friends again, you all have taken this journey with me. You’ve counted down the days with me, you came extra early to celebrate my birthday and wish me farewell… so, I think we need to have a homecoming party… I’ll even supply the indian snacks. 😀

So, as I sit here in this airport with not too much time before my delayed flight will board, I look back at not just the 28 days I have been here, but, at all the time it took to grow my india fund, plan the trip and make it here. I look back at everyone who made it possible. I look back this New Year’s Eve on this incredible year. It’s been so good to me.

My resolution for 2015 is to plan my next adventure, replenish my india fund and stay in touch with the amazing family i have here. My goal is to get my sister here… just as my mom always wanted to do.

I came to India with a few goals…
One: To see my most amazing family and celebrate my 25th birthday at my awesome cousin’s wedding.
Two: To see an elephant.
Three: To handle a monkey.

Next time, I hope to see more of this incredible country.

But, none of any of that matters as long as I am with the people I love, I am happy.

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