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Recovery Zone

  1. Recovery Zone 

The steps to achieving zen when your mind and body are running in overdrive.
Over the last few months I have been on the go. Date nights, ladies nights, family nights and work. Weekends are filled with road trips and parties and all sorts of summer fun.
I love a good fiesta. I have a hard time saying no to sangria by the pool or midnight dips in the hot tub. I could spend my whole summer at the beach. What’s better than live music on a patio or filling up on antipasto and Italian soda?
I’m young! I’m wild! I’m free! There’s no time for rest now! There will be time for that when winter comes!
Until my body forces my fiesta into a siesta.
You see, I find myself laying in a hospital bed. An IV dangling from my arm. I find my body weak from dancing and my mind possessed by over analytic thoughts of what could be plaguing my body!
You see, one moment, I’m dancing and dancing and dancing. I’m spinning and spinning and spinning and now I’m laying here.. Motionless and the world keeps spinning around me.
I want to get back up. I don’t want to miss the next scene. I want to feel the warm sun kiss my skin again. I want to taste the sweet taste of tapioca at the bottom of my bubble tea. I want to find myself on exciting dates again and I want to sing and dance and twirl and I just don’t want to miss a thing.
And as I lay here with thoughts racing through my mind almost as fast as I can hear my heart beating, the anxiety intoxicates me. How long will I be like this? Will I waste my vacation time on laying in bed instead of travelling and living out loud?!
The dizziness takes over and my eyelids get heavier and even through the stabbing pains haven’t subsided.. I fall asleep.
Chronic illness. Burning out. Disease. They can plague us from living a life we love. They can occupy places in our mind larger than the portion we actually use. Does it mean slow down? Does it mean stop? Does it mean we haven’t the right to happiness? Does it mean we cannot make the most out of this miserable world we call home?
No. Life is fleeting. So dance anyway. Sing anyway. Feast and laugh anyway. But among all the lights and loud music, among all the friends and food and finery, remember to love yourself anyway. Remember to smile anyway. Remember to hold on to good and release the negative. Let go! Let go of anxiety. Let go of hatred. Let go of regret. Let go of insecurity. Sing because it makes you happy not because it makes you money. Dance because it feels good, not because everyone else is dancing too. Love someone because they love you not because you can’t love yourself. You must love yourself first.
In my journey I have learned that I can achieve zen simply by loving myself.
Step One:
Listen to your body. If you need sleep, then sleep.
If you can’t sleep. If you lay awake at home, unable to turn off the sounds in your mind, scribble them down. Listen to them. Don’t lock them away
When you’re hungry, nourish yourself.
Replenishment isn’t just mandatory, it’s satisfying.
Step Two:
Respect your body.
Look in the mirror every day and remind yourself that there is no one like you. Remind yourself that you are beautiful.
Don’t deprive your body of its cravings. That is your chance to indulge!
Have great sex! Eat great food! Dream sweet dreams! Thank yourself for the great inspirations!
Step Three:
Love your body and your life will follow.
The fear of being left out stems from feeling inadequate. Here’s some tough love. People don’t exclude you because you’re not good enough.. Because you’re not pretty enough or not rich enough. People exclude you because you’re a downer! You hate yourself and it shows! When you can learn to love yourself, you’re a happier person. You’re a more fulfilled person and you don’t need other people to have a good time. Let go of your insecurities.. You’re perfect now get over it! Because once that concept roots itself deeply within you, you’re on top of the world. You look in the mirror and can’t get enough of yourself. You feel sexy. You smell amazing. You have the best laugh! You sparkle people will want to sparkle with you. People will want what you have.. Confidence. People will be drawn to the happiness you feel and you’ll never get left out again and you will get to decide who fulfills you enough to remain in your life.
I call this the recovery zone. One you can listen to your body, respect your body and love your body, saying no is much easier. Letting go is much easier. Getting rest is much easier. Replenishing and loving yourself is much easier and it’s because you make your own decisions. You’re not too busy keeping up with life happening around you.. You’re living your own life. You can breathe deeply in and deeply out.
So today, as I lay in this bed in recovery from living another life.. I pledge to live my own life instead.
Today my life begins a new. I am in the recovery zone.
Sooner than I know I can be having my own fiestas.. Tasting that sweet bubble tea, being with my family and with my ladies and on hot dates. Sooner than I know I can be having antipasto and listening to live music.. Drinking wine and watching movies!
But my body has told me to siesta and so siesta I will.
Sweet dreams!

1 thought on “Recovery Zone”

  1. Thank you for this… right now I’m pretty stressed because I had an argument with my best friend (we were besties for 6 years) and shes the dramatic girly type so shes running around spreading rumors while I’m trying not to cry. I have to remember no one is like me and she has made it clear that we are not friends, but its ok because I have other friends. And this post has really helped calm me. Thank you again! 😉


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