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Time Limits

It has been a while since I last wrote a blog. Too long perhaps. I was recently re-inspired from several sources to publish something new. In a way, I knew just what I wanted to write about. On the other hand, I had no idea how to begin.

So much has changed since my last blog. Life as I knew it has completely changed. That’s what time does, I suppose. It changes things, circumstances and people. That is something I think we can all relate to. So, I suppose I found my beginning to this post.

Not that I’ve had a shockingly large following on my blog, but, does the time elapsed between my posts determine who I can keep engaged? Yes! It does. I know that the people who do read these posts all the time are quality, loyal and loving friends, family and maybe even strangers and each of you mean the world to me for having the patience to deal with these little rants. I love you for engaging in my life with me and caring about the things that I share. BUT – if I were to post every day somehow there would be an increase in views. Time can determine the QUANTITY of people who will engage in my posts.

There is a parallel I have recently discovered in each day of my life. The time elapsed since I have seen people in my life will determine the QUANTITY of the people who remain engaged in my life.

Recently, I have been suffering with some debilitating medical illnesses. I haven’t seen many of the people who once played a very active role in my life. It was interesting to see how many, “friends” I lost because I was too sick for too long and time created too great of a distance between us.

When a chapter in our lives comes to an end, people tend to come and go. We have a certain transient ability to adapt to these changes. We graduate from school and the friends who we spent every day with are somehow just as special in our hearts even when we haven’t spoken in years. We start new jobs and our coworkers become the people we spend every day with. Time changes everything. It changes everyone.

As time unfolds, life is ever evolving. Life doesn’t slow down, even if we do. I took time off work to recover and heal and to slow down. Life seemed to just speed right up. From car collisions to personal losses, I had to find a way to keep up.

So, what do these changes mean? Well, I have discussed the concept of quantity versus quality before. Time seems to reinforce my belief. I may have lost people in my life who I thought might always be around. BUT – if they couldn’t be there at a time where I needed them most. Or if they couldn’t wait around long enough to see me through to my recovery, do I really want that QUALITY of a relationship in my life? No – time to LET GO! It is important to remember that they aren’t bad people but that the relationship you had may not have been LOVE based. Time may even change that. To those people who remain present even with time and distance between us – we have a QUALITY relationship. I would rather have just a handful of quality relationships that i can hold on to. No matter the time or circumstance it is the people i have those relationships with that I can count on.

That being said, time has a way of making full circles. I’ve encountered situations where I haven’t heard from someone for months at a time – even years. Yet one day, I’m on their mind. When they reach out to me, it’s as if no time has gone by whatsoever. Time may have found a way to create a physical distance between us. Yet, time does not have the power to remove the relationships we once had. Similarly, time can never remove or diminish the bonds we have with those who have passed on when they have such strongholds on our hearts.

It’s not easy. Time is not easy. Letting go is not easy. Holding on is not easy. Yet, it is one of many concepts we cannot change and so, we must learn to embrace it. Keeping up with the changes that happen in life as time goes on can be hard to adapt to but, when we have the understanding that change is inevitable, we can expect it in the times before us. We can anticipate that time will only present us with even more changes.

What I have learned is that if there is anything stronger than the concept of time, it is the power of love. We can choose in our hearts to never let time make a gap so large that it cannot be repaired.

We hold onto the memories we had with childhood friends and schoolmates. We reach out to friends from old jobs, or societies we once belonged to. The simple act of remembering what we once had and acknowledging those memories is all it takes to awaken your heart to love you have held on to in the time that has elapsed.

Facebook has even recognized this and created, “memories.” You can look back on, “this day in history.” When we see these memories with old familiar faces, it is the simple reminder of how you felt and who you were with that brings a smile or a tear to our faces.

Time. It can be quantified. Quality time, however is something we must remember. Today, I encourage each of you to reach out to someone who maybe you haven’t spoken to or heard from in some time. Remind them that they are still loved – that no amount of time could ever take away your memories. Time may have its limits but no limit so large that love can’t break it down.

If you truly love someone, no amount of time or distance can take that away. Time can change our future but it has no strongholds on our pasts.

We can choose to use time as our tool or allow time to rule over us. It is time to set our limits!


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