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And Then There Was Light


You know when life seems on a roll? It doesn’t happen often but when it does, you just need to seize the day? Well, I’ve recently come to an understanding that opportunity is never far away.

You see, when you get stuck in the same routine you’re ignoring the fact that life is happening just outside of your little box. How do we shake things up when that happens?

Well, usually if you change just one thing, the rest of the routine gets thrown off. For example, what will happen if your alarm clock doesn’t go off tomorrow morning? Well, for starters, you might wake up frantically rushing to get dressed and head out the door. Maybe you won’t stop for coffee because you don’t have enough time. Maybe you will get to work or to school late and miss an important test or meeting. Maybe that test or meeting will determine if you pass your class or get that promotion.

Now if a simple alarm clock can do that much damage to your day and to your future… why can’t the same thing be said for when something positive changes in your life?

I can’t say exactly what will shake it up in your life. I guess it depends on your goals. Maybe switching to 2% milk instead of full fat each day will help you to lose that extra 5lbs you’ve been looking to lose.

Maybe taking a holiday and traveling abroad will show you another culture that will enrich your life at home. You can see just HOW much life is happening all around your little world and inspire you to make some sort of change toward life anew.

Maybe it’s something more simple.

If you read my previous blog A Book Review – Though I Haven’t Read The Book Yet. you might remember that I recently purchased a book that draws many parallels between the author’s life and my own. It’s a book that I feel will enhance my life. However, when I first tried to open it up, I was faced with all sorts of annoyances that forced me to put it aside.

As I cracked the book open, I heard the loud blasting sound of my roommate BLARING his music. I couldn’t find the right lighting so I was kind of squinting to see the words, I was out of scented candles (which I like to have around in my reading nook) and I’m pretty sure the litter box was due for a change.

I could have just tossed the book aside and continued to be annoyed by loud blaring music. I could have left the litter to hopefully be changed by someone else. I could have crawled back in bed and waited for tomorrow in hopes that tomorrow might be a sunnier day. I could have continued to to be grumpy and done nothing to change it. You know, like staying in that same little world I found myself routinely trapped in. After all, with all the annoyances, maybe the universe was trying to tell me something. Give up, Natasha – it’s just not meant to be.

Instead, I got even more excited. I let my roommate enjoy his blaring music and I dragged my other roommate along for a drive. We picked up a new floor lamp, some fresh kitty litter and even did a little extra shopping.

By the time we got back home, the music had stopped. We changed the litter. We set up the new lamp. I’ve lit a scented candle and I’m so ready to read this book.

Now, reading this book might not change my life. But simply by brightening up this room, each day I can feel a little happier. By changing that stinky litter, I can feel a little more comfortable. By lighting my scented candle, I can feel a little more peace. By finally reading this book, I can feel more accomplished as opposed to giving up on each task whenever some annoyance gets in the way.

Mostly, by deciding that a simple change in mood can help me be more productive with my day. Reading this book will be a reminder to myself to not give up, to stay excited and to share the stories of my life.

You see, just by buying a new lamp, I have changed everything. I realize just how crazy this all makes me sound. But seriously, not having enough light would just make me so grumpy every day.

With just a little more light in my life, I’m on a roll. I can read this book and travel the world, I can change my routines and grasp hold of the opportunities I never noticed when life seemed a little darker. I’ve reminded myself that when life tosses you lemons, you can either flinch at its bitterness or add a little water and sugar and make some lemonade.

I could have tossed the book aside and crawled back in bed and waited for tomorrow in hopes that it would be a sunnier day or I could have chosen to make my own light and remember that happiness is something that I have the opportunity to create.

So I chose light.

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