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Promote Your Blog Here

Another blog I follow gave readers and fellow bloggers the opportunity to promote their blog in the comments of their post. I would like to reach out to my fellow bloggers and extend the same opportunity.

Tell us a little about your blog and leave the URL so that we can all share our words with each other.

For example.. here was my description:

Every morning, I wake up and I write out 3 pages of longhand without stopping. This stream of consciousness is a technique some writers use to clear the mind, inspire creativity and block writer’s block.

Sometimes, these raw unadulterated words turn out to be a diary of my heart. Without editing, I like to share my words. Everyone you meet is fighting their own battles. We’re in this together. Kindness doesn’t cost a thing. I like to sprinkle it everywhere.


A special shout out to MakeItUltra for inspiring such a wonderful idea. Here is a link to their blog post:

10 thoughts on “Promote Your Blog Here”

  1. Thanks for taking the time to support the blogging community. My blog is intended to share my culinary passion and have discussions with people worldwide, that are fellow foodies. I also created it to meet new people, not just food enthusiasts. I hope to hear from everyone and learn something new. My blog is


  2. Thanks for such an amazing opportunity!

    My name is Keely, and I am a freshman in high school with a deep passion for writing.

    My blog is full of my poetry, mostly about love. I have some stories too. I add to my blog frequently, and never go a week or two without at least one new post, so there are always little surprises whenever you go to visit my blog.

    My blog is:

    I hope you enjoy my blog if you choose to go!
    Have a wonderful day!
    With love,


  3. hey guys. im Just a passionate guy who is trying to make a difference. My writing varies from my own personal song lyrics(which i am in the process of making into songs) to my personal experience and my opinions. im a little bit of everything if im honest. Thank you for checking me oout and reading this. peace guys 🙂


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