Journal, Motivational

Gratitude Post

It’s all too often I turn to writing when there’s something upsetting on my mind.

Today is going to be different.
Today is the day I am choosing to be positive.

Here’s how:

1. Today is my father’s 60th birthday. The man who gave me life, raised me up and kissed my scraped knees better is a man who deserves to be celebrated!

2. I’m alive and it’s a brand new day. The possibilities are endless!

3. I truly have the most amazing family in the world.

4. My two cats are curled up at my feet fast asleep and it’s actually the sweetest thing to hear their wee little snores.

5. It’s just after 5am and the sun should be rising soon.

Reminding myself that there is positive in my life should be a daily thing. So, I’m going to make it one! It’s not that writing to vent is necessarily a bad thing. It’s actually very therapeutic for me. It’s important and healthy to talk about our feelings. It’s even brave to share our experiences but, reminding ourselves of the good in our lives gives us something to fight for when the bad seems too tough to fight through.

So today, when you read this, I hope you too are inspired to give your life a little gratitude. Let go of the negativity that is weighing you down. Remember, life is worth fighting for. If not for any deep meaning of life… maybe for all the small graces and beauties of this world.

The sun will rise every day and the moon and stars keep even the night sky bright. Even the most beautiful flower had to grow out of soil.

In fact, in Japanese culture, something that has been broken (like a bowl) will be repaired using gold or silver with the understanding that what broke the bowl simply made it more beautiful.

Each broken piece of ourselves is waiting to be put back together. Each knick or scratch becomes a story. Each wrinkle represents our life’s emotions.

If only we accept what is… we can begin to accept ourselves.

So, I will not be sorry for being broken. For each crack in my life is lined with precious gold and silver and it has made my story complete. Each part of my life is what has made me who I am.

I am so grateful to be who I am. Today, I hope you find something in your life that you can be grateful for as well.

Lots of love to each of you!

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