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Bell – Let’s Talk (Standing Up To The Stigmas Of Mental Illness)

It is NOT OK to be put down for having mental illness. It is ABSOLUTELY within your right to take a mental health day or several if you need to.

The world has become fast moving and sometimes cruel when you can’t keep up.

Just know, whoever you are, wherever you are – if you need someone to talk to, PLEASE reach out to someone. You can reach out to me. You don’t have to go through it alone.

I have suffered through mental illness as have several of my family members and friends.

It’s OK to talk to your doctor. There is nothing wrong with taking medications to help you. They won’t change who you are.

Mental illness is a REAL illness. There are chemical imbalances in the brain. There can be physical pain in the body. It can take over our whole nervous system. So, it might just be, “in our head” but it’s MOST DEFINITELY NOT FAKE OR MADE UP. It’s OK to see a doctor. It’s OK to take medications. It’s OK to take time off work. It’s OK to make it an open forum for discussion in your life!

If you need help fighting back – here are a few ways I like to rebell against my mental illnesses:

When someone gets you down.. tell someone else how much you love them. You are the BIGGER BETTER PERSON!

Speak up! You have a right to be heard! Clear your mind if whatever is burdening you.

Plan a day where you have no plans. Sleep in, eat well, listen to music and watch your favourite funny movie or go to the gym. Do whatever it is you do to make you happy. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t. You deserve to dance on the dining room table because, WHY NOT?

Disconnect. Take a couple days to not check Facebook or watch the news. Instead, use that time to take a walk. You have highways of information in your brain that you’re already sorting through. Walking has always helped me clear my mind. Plus it’s way healthier than couch potato-ing. Watching the news and being up to date on current events is important.. but sometimes it can be a downer.. and you already have enough information to process.

Drink more water. Replenishment gives energy and allows better sleep. Staying hydrated is also important if you’re on any of the medications I am.

Clean your space. Clutter around you clutters your mind. It’s easier to relax when you’re in a clean space.

Be with your pet. If you don’t have one, visit a friend who does or volunteer at a shelter. Animals are therapeutic with their ability to love so unconditionally.

Take a moment to remind yourself of whatever you’re grateful for. We all have something. Even if you have to think hard about it.. it’s in there. Be it your family, be it the sun rising, be it that air continues to fill your lungs, be it that you had a good night’s sleep, be it that you have a roof over your head or a meal in your belly. There is so much to be grateful for – they might be the simple things.. but sometimes that is what keeps me going.

Today, I’m grateful for tacos. Cause I can taco ’bout mental health and then fill my belly with delicious food. I don’t even care that guacamole is extra!

Love to you all! Keep fighting the good fight! TALK ABOUT IT! 

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