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How Ginger Roots For You

Walk into the pharmacy for an anti-nausea remedy and most people would not be surprised to find ginger on the shelf. Chewable ginger tablets by popular name brands like Gravol are no strangers to our bathroom medicine cabinets. You may even stock some ginger tea to help with those tummy aches. The roots of ginger are deeper than what you might expect. Ginger works in the brain and in the nervous system as much as it works in the intestines and stomach. Research has proven that ginger is an effective treatment for moderate to severe muscle and joint pain, anxiety and stress disorders as well as for ailments of the gut.

The University of Miami conducted a study on 261 patients with moderate to severe pain related to arthritis of the knee. The study found that patients given a ginger extract as a means of treatment noticed a significant change. Inflammation decreased and patients were able to walk further without pain. In another study posted by the US National Library of Medicine, ginger was found to have hypoalgesic properties, which proved effective for pain relief in exercise-induced muscle injuries.

This all around amazing plant is not only a cure all for pain or other ailments; it also tastes spectacular and smells delectable. It is no surprise ginger is a go-to for cosmetic companies and kitchen recipes. This is one plant we all need to get a little friendlier with.

So, how can you incorporate ginger into your everyday life?

1. Herbal teas – almost any grocery/health food store will stock this common tea in the aisle.

2. In your food – pick up some ginger root in the produce section of the grocery store and beef up your meal with this spicy addition.

3. Medicine – if you’re feeling queasy, ask the pharmacist about ginger Gravol over the counter (or any other brand).

4. Aromatherapy – pick up some essential oils and vaporize or diffuse the oil into the air for the aromatic healing properties of the ginger root.

5. On your skin – from perfumes, to soaps to lotions and shampoos to simply using the essential oil as a rub or for massages, both the smell and the healing properties will start to work from the outside in.

If you’re in search for a little zest in life, look no further than that of ginger. This is one plant that really roots for you.

ginger snap

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