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Diffusing The Situation

Feeling stressed out and really jonesin’ some eucalyptus essential oils to diffuse your situation? Ran out of your epsom salts and your candle is all burned out and you only have a little oil in a glorious little bottle? Need to make the most out of just a few drops? Maybe diffusing is exactly what you need to do!

To diffuse, or not to diffuse? That is the question. You see, essential oils can be burned or ingested or vaporized or used however you please. But, what is a diffuser and how do you use them and are they really that good?

Well, let me tell you about the VicTsing Wood Grain Essential Oil Diffuser.


I bought this product off of about a month ago for less than $60. You can get smaller diffusers for less or larger diffusers for more. This seemed like a nice middle of the road option for my personal use.

This diffuser has 4 time settings: 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours or constant. The diffuser will automatically power off after the programmed time or when it runs out of water. The design is simple, zen and has 7 different LED colour settings.

To use the diffuser, you simply fill the provided measuring cup with water, remove the lid from the diffuser and pour the water in. Then, you add several drops of whichever essential oil you wish to use and replace the lid onto the diffuser. You may then power up the diffuser. The button is used to select your light setting. Simply keep pressing the button until you have selected your desired LED colour setting for the light. Next to the light button there is a switch, which allows you to select the duration for which you would like to diffuse. Simply, toggle the switch to whichever setting you prefer and your oils will begin to diffuse a cool aromatic mist into the air quietly. This unit diffuses 30ml in one hour. This is perfect for the beginner looking to start diffusing essential oils.

The only real complaint I have is that I don’t have one for every room in my house! This product is simple but, it’s Natasha Fierce Approved!



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