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Gratitude Post

It's all too often I turn to writing when there's something upsetting on my mind. Today is going to be different. Today is the day I am choosing to be positive. Here's how: 1. Today is my father's 60th birthday. The man who gave me life, raised me up and kissed my scraped knees better… Continue reading Gratitude Post

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Last year this time I was counting on 2016 to be better than 2015. Despite all my anticipation and excitement, 2016 was a really hard year. That being said, tough times really find a way of teaching us lessons. I don't believe I've come out of this year stronger but I believe that this year… Continue reading #fuck2016

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Promote Your Blog Here

Another blog I follow gave readers and fellow bloggers the opportunity to promote their blog in the comments of their post. I would like to reach out to my fellow bloggers and extend the same opportunity. Tell us a little about your blog and leave the URL so that we can all share our words… Continue reading Promote Your Blog Here

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It’s Not Personal

Lesson Of The Day: Sometimes people are cold. Sometimes, you've done something to upset them. Sometimes, you haven't. Sometimes, I obsess over it. Sound familiar? Maybe it's a co-worker who always says good morning to you and today they just walked right by. Other times, it could be a friend who hasn't returned your call.… Continue reading It’s Not Personal

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My Daily Vow To Me

Whatever comes my way: I choose light. I choose truth. I choose love. I choose happiness. I know in my heart what is right, what is worth the fight and when to let go. Even if I lose 90% of the people in my life - the 10% that remain are the only ones I… Continue reading My Daily Vow To Me

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We Will Remember Them

The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand (of Austria-Hungary) by The Black Hand secret military group (of Serbia) shook the world over a century ago. So much so that on July 28, 1914 war was declared. It was to be the war to end all wars. After years in battle, nations began to find their Allies… Continue reading We Will Remember Them