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Diffusing The Situation

Feeling stressed out and really jonesin' some eucalyptus essential oils to diffuse your situation? Ran out of your epsom salts and your candle is all burned out and you only have a little oil in a glorious little bottle? Need to make the most out of just a few drops? Maybe diffusing is exactly what… Continue reading Diffusing The Situation

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How Ginger Roots For You

Part Two In A Series. (But Wait! There's Myrrh!) Ginger - The benefits and Uses of this glorious root plant!

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But Wait – There’s Myrrh!

By the end of this blog post, we may all very well become self-proclaimed aromachologists. Essentially, this is my how-to guide on everything essential oils! Here, you will find a few Natasha Fierce approved oils as well as the different usages and applications. Take a deep breath and relax your mind. Your meditation education begins… Continue reading But Wait – There’s Myrrh!

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Sharing Is Caring

I love finding posts filled with creativity and sharing them. I just stumbled on a new blog I wanted to share with everyone! For anything from recipes to crafts to fashion, this blog is a "Natasha Approved Read!" I hope you enjoy as much as i do. ❤

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Promote Your Blog Here

Another blog I follow gave readers and fellow bloggers the opportunity to promote their blog in the comments of their post. I would like to reach out to my fellow bloggers and extend the same opportunity. Tell us a little about your blog and leave the URL so that we can all share our words… Continue reading Promote Your Blog Here

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A Book Review – Though I Haven’t Read The Book Yet.

I'll admit, I was never big on reading when I was growing up. Finally, when I thought I could sit down with a novel and actually enjoy reading from the front cover to the end papers or leaves, I started university. Let me tell you, when you take any bachelor of arts classes, your love… Continue reading A Book Review – Though I Haven’t Read The Book Yet.